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    NoStreaks Cleaning Cloths™ leave every surface spotless! Through a special blend of microfiber materials, these cloths will make your windows clear, your glasses and china mineral free, and your house looking fantastic!
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  • Want more free time?

    Did you know that NoStreaks Cleaning Cloths can save you up to 10 minutes of hard scrubbing when you're trying to get your house clean? What would you do with an extra 10 minutes per day?
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  • You can SEE the difference!

    NoStreaks Cleaning Cloths remove all streaks, smudges, and water stains! Just make the cloth damp and it will take care of the rest with each swipe.
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Buy Yours Today!


Buy Yours Today!


One Step Cleaning Presents: NoStreaks™ Cleaning Cloths

Haven't you ever wished you could get that spotless clean look to the glass in your home? what about a streak-free shine to your car? If you have gotten your things streak free, don't you wish it didn't take you 30 minutes of hard elbow grease to do it? 

NoStreaks™ Cleaning Cloths are the perfect solution. Simply dampen them and run them over any surface for a streak-free shine.

See why Rhonda loves her NoStreaks Cleaning Cloths™

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  • Bob and Sheryl

Bob-SherylThe NoStreak microfiber cloth is amazing.  You were right!!!  Cleaning our shower door and windows took one-tenth the time and all we used was the cloth....no cleaning products, paper towels, etc.

Thank you for introducing us to this easy cleaning solution.

Bob and Sheryl Rodina

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